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  • Jintropin is an effective HGH Supplement (Human Growth Hormone). Jintropin is the most powerful HGH which is best selling HGH. Jintropin has 191 amino acids sequences which make the drug effective in the HGH users. Jintropin is widely used in children to promote their natural growth. Jintropin can increase the muscle mass, reduce the fat from the body. Jintropin is a popular item to the athletes and body builders as this can give you a solid muscle, used the fat of your body as the energy source. Jintropin is used to maintain good shape of the users body. The hormone is extracted from a bacterium named E. Coli which can help human many ways. This HGH Jintropin also acts effective anabolic steroid which can promote the protein synthesis and nitrogen, calcium retention.


    Jintropin 10iu/vial

    Product DOSAGE QUANTITY Per vial Price Order
    Jintropin10iu/vial10 vials 1kitCAD$39.71CAD$397.06
    Jintropin10iu/vial20 vials 2kitCAD$39.71CAD$794.13
    Jintropin10iu/vial30 vials 3kitCAD$39.71CAD$1,191.19
    Jintropin10iu/vial40 vials 4kitCAD$39.71CAD$1,588.26
    Jintropin10iu/vial50 vials 5kitCAD$37.72CAD$1,886.06
    Jintropin10iu/vial60 vials 6kitCAD$37.72CAD$2,263.27
    Jintropin10iu/vial70 vials 7kitCAD$37.72CAD$2,640.48
    Jintropin10iu/vial80 vials 8kitCAD$37.72CAD$3,017.69
    Jintropin10iu/vial90 vials 9kitCAD$37.72CAD$3,394.91
    Jintropin10iu/vial100 vials 10kitCAD$37.72CAD$3,772.12

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    Jintropin is a qualitative growth hormone product
    Manufacturing is under control of the authorities. This HGH was first produced in 1997 and has been on the market ever since. Gene Science, the company which manufactures Jintropin, is supervised by the Chinese government, which is a guarantee of the great product's quality.

    GMP FDA standard. The standard is a proof of purity and quality of HGH. It has been given to such famous brands as Seizen, Norditropin, Genotropin, and Jintropin as well.

    High purity. Thanks to new technologies and strict control during producing Jintropin Somatropin on GenSci, the product amazes its great purity – 98%. It is also 100% similar to the HGH human body produces.

    Jintropin has achieved very high levels of trust by its users. Customers around the world chose this product, even such celebrities as Madonna, Silvester Stallone, and many other world-known people.

    Jintropin is sold in pharmacies of 7 countries.

    Reliable protection system. Each kit has an individual sticker with fibers and numbers on it and it's absolutely impossible to forge them. You can verify them on the official web page.

    How to use?
    These are the typical hGH doses that people use:

    Anti-Aging: 2iu-4iu daily
    Fat loss: 4iu-8iu daily
    Muscle building: 8iu-24iu daily

    * Most people follow one of the following protocols:
    - Every day injections, with 2 days off every 6th day (a.k.a. 5 days on, 2 days off)
    - Alternate day injections, in this manner the dose taken every other day is double that of the "Every day injection" protocol.

    How much solvent do I need?
    Commonly putting 1ml bacteriostatic water in each vial.

    Store at 2--8 degree in refrigerator in the same way as DBHGH.

    Clinical studies show that there has been little in the way of results to show that Jintropin 10iu can help otherwise healthy adults regain their youth and vitality. However, HGH does have benefits if you have a true growth hormone deficiency unrelated to aging. This condition is rare, often caused by a pituitary tumor, and HGH helps to increase bone density, muscle mass and exercise capacity while decreasing body fat in these patients. Humane growth hormone is also approved for the treatment of muscle wasting in patients with HIV or AIDS.

    Side effects of HGH product
    Depending on the dosage and each individual's response to growth hormone treatment hygetropin produces typical side effects associated with high purity somatropin. These side effects range from requirement to take afternoon "baby" naps, carpal tunnel syndrome, water retention, morning aches and hypoglycemia.