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  • Riptropin is one of several re-branded generic growth hormone brands. It is exclusively sold on the black market (mostly in the UK). It is produced by an unknown lab in China. Users report different results from batch to batch, which indicates that it might be coming from various sources. Although labelled as 191 amino acid sequence it reported to be 192 amino acid (somatrem) – not identical to human body’s own growth hormone.


    Riptropin 10iu/vial

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    Riptropin10iu/vial100 vials 10kitCAD$18.86CAD$1,886.06

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    Riptropin description
    It is a hormone-polypeptide, compounded of 191 amino acids. It is produced by pituitary gland – after the training, by stress, low level of blood sugar or during the sleep. Growth hormone (somatotropin) is a protein, which consists of special cells inside the small gland called pituitary gland (hypophysis), which is placed on the base of the brain. This gland is connected by the thin stem with the part of the brain called hypothalamus. Production and release of growth hormone control two hormones called GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) and Riptropin Somatropin. These two hormones are produced in hypothalamus. GHRH stimulates the production of growth hormone, but in contrast, somatostatin suppresses it.

    Those, who don't want to hear any word against STH, confirm in their testimonies one interesting fact – in contrast to anabolic-androgenic steroids, by usage of STH after the end of consummation does not occur almost any decrease in strength or loss of muscle mass. This experience is indirectly confirmed by one of many studies dedicated to STH, from which arises, that by application of STH appeared the increase in amount of muscle cells. Besides this, highlighted is the ability to significantly reduce the amount of fat tissues and application of STH is showed also in strengthened tendons, insertions, gristles and bones, which is valued mainly by professional athletes. In this case, there is only a small probability of injury also by application of extremely hard training loads.

    Riptropin can be used for various treatments. It can be used in cases of lack of natural growth hormone in children and adults. It can also be used in cases when normal levels of growth hormone are produced but above normal levels are desirable. In children it can be used when lack of natural growth hormone is produced, therefore stature problems may occur so Riptropin can be given as an aid to increase child growth. In adults it can be used in cases in which natural growth hormone have declined. It can increase muscle mass, decrease body fat and improve the skin elastically and decrease wrinkles. Other treatments in which Riptropin can be used are Turner's syndrome, organ transplantations, burns and trauma.

    Riptropin Stack
    Well-proven Riptropin application while taking anabolic steroids, which gives a synergistic, complementary effect. It is recommended to use long testosterone esters such as enanthate or cypionate and mixtures of its esters. To improve muscle relief it can be applied Sustanon 250 for Sale or Stanozolol Suspension 50mg.

    The benifits of the Riptropin HGH
    Riptropin hgh recombinant Human Interferon alpha 2b for injection, people who are deficient in GH usually have weak bones, decreased muscle strength, increased body fat, higher cholesterol and may suffer from depression. Riptropin may help in such cases. Yellowish or white loose powder, when dissolved with water for injection; the reconstituted solution should be clear, transparent and has no insoluble substance visible to naked eyes. If you want lose weight,if you want beauty, if you want increase muscle, riptropin hgh would be satisfied you.

    Drug reaction & Other treatments
    Drug interactions may lead to side effects or decrease or increase the medicine potency. Check with your doctor that the other drugs you're taking do not interfere with this drug's action. Treatments of other conditions should be discussed before using Riptropin. It is especially important to diabetics to check with their doctor because Riptropin may chance insulin requirements.

    Why choose Riptropin?
    By Riptropin Canada you will achieve the dramatic regeneration, mainly after hard training process, as well as by illness. Riptropin is known for its pureness and maximal effect short after the application period. Effects after the application period will be visible after 2-3 days. By combination with anabolic androgenic steroids Riptropin significantly increases the required effect. After the consummation period of anabolic androgenic steroids, it is an ideal preparation into the post-cycle therapy (PCT) due to the largest possible maintenance of muscle gains in the period of hormone levels balancing in the body. It is scientifically proved that Riptropin by its consummation multiplies muscle cells. None other preparation has this ability. The volume of recommended dose is 4-10iu a day. Riptropin is necessary to dilute in bacteriostatic water, at least 1ml. to 10 I.U. Results from application are better, when the daily amount is not consumed all at once, but in several partial doses. The period, during which is the STH applied, is not shorter than 6 weeks (its effect does not decrease neither by long-term effect, while also after several month consummation, the same amount of the dose is enough to create the same effect, as in the beginning of the consummation).